Pasta Sheets
Mozzarella cheese
Parmesan cheese

Ingredients for SAUCE :
– 1 and a half cup Milk
– half cup Cream
– quarter cup Cream cheese
– Black pepper
– Salt
– Nutmeg
– Corn flour
– Water

Ingredients for Filling :
-Tomato sauce
-minced meat
– Onion
– Salt
-Red chilli powder
– Mushrooms
– Green Chilies
– Olives ( or any vegetable u like to add )

– Boil the pasta
– In a sauce pan boil the milk and pour the cream n cheese in it …. stir it until the milk boils add salt , pepper and a pinch of nutmeg ( quantity of salt , pepper n nutmeg can vary according to ur taste )
– Then in a bowl take quarter cup of water and add one and a half tablespoon of corn flour and mix it well
– And then add it into the sauce , cook it for another one min , until it becomes thick and then turn the flame off
– In a cooking pot , sauté onions and then add meat , cook the meat until its done rare and then add vegetables of ur choice , add garlic ginger paste , salt , chili and tomato paste and cook it for Good 10 minutes .

After everything is cooked, in any baking dish of your choice , layer the boiled pasta sheet and the cooked filling alternately two times and then top it with the sauce and Mozzarella and parmesan cheese  😉
Bake it at 400 degree Fahrenheit
and after 30 mins it’s ready to EAT 😀
HOT HOT !! wait before u bite 😉


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